Want More of Your Time Back?

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If you're tired of...

Wasting time on double-data entry

Paying administrators, instead of taking profits

Fixing mistakes because of inconsistent data

Sacrificing margins to keep your clients happy

Tired of trying to figure out how you can get out of this situation?
You may be a XERO-POWERED BUSINESS and you’ve probably asked yourself this question a 1000 times.
How can I solve MY DATA ENTRY & ACCOUNTING CHALLENGES without doing all the work?Even if i don't have time?!

I remember the day I met Joe* as if it was yesterday. He was always hurried; rushing to back-to-back meetings, and late for most of them; feeling guilty of trying to fit too much into his work day, really.

Joe had a dream. A dream to successfully take over the practice which his father had built over the past 30 odd years.

His vision for the business was to expand from 12 employees to well over 20 and, in the process, break 7 figures in annual revenues. This would allow his father to peacefully retire, while Joe continues to take the business forward into the digital era.

The problem? The company's methods were not scalable. No matter how hard Joe and his team worked - the more staff they took on, the smaller the margins they had.

Maybe you can relate.

Joe did not have time to stop and strategically think of how this issue could be resolved - he was too caught up in his never-ending day-to-day work.

His wife often asked, “What time are you coming home tonight?”

Thankfully, Joe decided enough was enough. He stopped, and asked himself these questions:

How can I grow this business without it relying on myself every step of the way?

How can I delegate or automate all that repetitive work?

Before I tell you the answers Joe and I got to, let me tell you about a few myths that we debunked along the way.

*not his real name

"I don't have time to do anything other than meet clients and get work done!"
“I need to set aside a large budget to get someone to help me accomplish my goals.”
“I need to get my data organised before I start looking at systems.”
“Nobody knows the business better than myself, so only I can get us out of this mess.”
“My team and I need to be tech-savvy to look at alternatives to pen and paper or Excel.”
Can you relate?


Maze Digital

The Key for XERO Businesses to Work Less and make More.

Increase revenues and get your time back - even if you don't have time.

Maze Digital


a cloud-based development service specifically to integrate your digitized business process with XERO.


For the one-person business, but for firms with a growing team of 5+ members

For businesses who are happy with status quo, but for those who continuously strive for growth

A magic wand, but rather a pathway which leads the way

Only for growing your business, but it also focuses on giving you your valuable time back


How will this relationship work?

We're based on a tiny island in the Mediterranean called Malta (it's in Europe!) and, as such, work with most of our clients remotely. We use Zoom, which enables us to record our video conversations so we can both refer back to them if needed. If you really want to meet us in person, let us know and we'll see if we can make it work.

How much time do I need to commit?

It depends. Not all cloud-based applications are equal. Within our process, there are two specifically time-consuming aspects. First is the discovery - this starts from 4 meetings and increases depending on the scope. Second is the testing phase, where we work with you to ensure that what we deliver solves the problems agreed on.

What's the ETA on my new project?

On most projects, we're looking at an ETA of 3-6 months. However, it depends on what you're looking to accomplish. Something to post your data automatically from a Google Doc or Excel sheet to XERO will take far less than a complex workflow or payroll solution. We're able to give you a more accurate ETA once we complete our discovery process.

How can we get started?

It's easy! Set up your free initial consult today if we're a good fit, we'll move on to our discovery process. Due to the intense nature of these projects, we only onboard 1 to 2 projects per month.

Maze Digital

I'm a husband, a geek, and serious about giving back to the community.

I started my own tech-related business back in 2014, and moved somewhat by accident into the XERO space a year later when I was referred to one of my first clients in the space. During this time I've led a team that has built platforms which has generated millions worth of XERO Invoices.

The relief that our clients feel when we save them thousands in administration costs. Plus the hundreds of hours of personal time; which can now be spent with Family; gives me the energy to keep going forward and help others achieve the same freedom.

Want More of Your Time Back?

We Can Help.
Let's Talk to Find Out How.
Are you an Accountant?

We love working with accountants. We understand that you're trying to solve complex problems for your XERO-powered customers, or maybe even for yourself. If this is for a client, we suggest you give us a heads-up - we can set up a time to talk with you and your clients to figure out the best way to resolve the problems you face.

Did you know that we also have a growth-programme for accountants?

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